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ONE YEAR October 22, 2010

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Today is my 1 year SURGIVERSARY!!  One year ago today I made the decision to alter my body and my life forever.  One year ago today I put 100% of my faith and hope into the hands of my surgeon to give me a tool that would ultimately help me to create a new life and future for myself.  I was given a tool.  Nothing more, nothing less.  I could then decide how I would use it.  Every day is a challenge and every day I try and make the best choices.  Sometimes I stumble and fall.  But I get right back up and try again.  I had run out of hope for myself.  I was morbidly obese.  I was sick with diabetes.  I knew it would ultimately kill me.  I chose to change my destiny.  I started moving my body.  I started believing that I could do it.  I would wake up and say to myself I can’t run today.  I am to tired.  I don’t feel good.  It’s to hot or cold out.  But then I would start bargaining with myself telling myself that I don’t have to run.  I can walk.  Just get up and walk.  That’s all you have to do.  Just walk.  And I would find when I did get up and walk.  I would start to run.  I would think, OK now you are running.  If I can’t run all the way, what’s the worst that could happen, maybe I have to walk back home.  No biggie.  But I didn’t walk back home.  I kept running, I pushed myself, I made deals, I thought about rewards, I threatened myself.  I screamed at myself “you will never have another Starbucks coffee again if you don’t keep going”.  I set up new challenges.   I told myself to keep putting one foot in front of the other.  I ran in darkness so no one would see me.  I wore my sunglasses so I would not have to make eye contact.  I kept my eyes down and stared at the ground.  Ten miles of staring at the ground.  I felt shame.  I felt inadequate.  Sometimes I cried.  But I kept going.  And here I am one year later.  I have so much more to do.  I am not 100% yet.  Maybe I never will be but I will continue to keep moving forward.  One foot in front of the other. 

Here are some before and afters!

This was 2006.  I thought I looked really good that day. that’s me on the right.






Autumnal Ranting October 17, 2010

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Happy Super Autumnal Saturday!  What a terrific sunny cool day it is here in NE Ohio.  This is how I feel today:


This is a seriously TA DA!!! moment.  So here is the thing.  I just after all this time figured out how to use the self timer on my phone and my NIKON.  WTF???  It is so easy what an idget I am for not thinking about this sooner.  Now I can take photos that are actually further away than

the end of my arm. This opens up a whole new world to me.  I actually was trying to send some photos of me and the two black furry kids to my husband who is STILL out of town.  He will hopefully be back on Wednesday.  So the first couple of days of freedom are great!  Wow I can do what I want, eat what I want, sleep when I want, have total full control over the TV.  Then on the 3rd day I start getting bored.  And by the 5th day I start getting lonely.  And by this time 2 1/2 weeks later I am just stir crazy.  I am talking to the dogs wayyyyy more than is normal.  Here’s the problem.  He is out making money and because he is gone and I am painfully bored I want to spend money.  Umm hello I think that is counter productive.  But at least I figured out the self timers.


downsized_1016001131[1] She is scared and doesn’t really want to play this game anymore!  Hahaha

009 And this big guy just wants to be left alone to sun himself.

So I have recently had some knee problems.  I think it started the first week of doing boot camp.   Call me crazy but I think that maybe I shouldn’t have done two hundred gazillion lunges on my first day of class.  What do you think boot camp lady who is supposed to be expert professional?  Hmm??  And btw please stop telling me that I will only get out what I put into it.  I think I get that.  Excuse me miss inappropriately to tight camel toe making ugly camouflage workout pants wearing boot camp Nazi but in the last year I have lost 100 pounds and taken my fitness level from a big fat 0 to running a half marathon.  I think I understand how to push myself and take it to the next level.  And now I am having knee issues.  So thanks for that.  And yes I am just stupid enough to go back…why??  because I made a commitment to myself to complete 6 weeks of boot camp and so that’s what I am going to do.  Now however I am faced with suffering from sometimes extreme knee pain and finding it necessary to spend precious minutes from my day icing the damn thing.  Yesterday I did a 4 mile run and by the time I was finished and back home it was starting to swell.  I iced it and relaxed for awhile. 

Then at the request of my animals who are sick and tired of me I decided to go up to Borders and do some reading and blogging.  After being up there for a couple of hours I had to come back home.  I was having a lot of throbbing aching pain.  So today I am forced to rest it.  And I don’t want to.  I am at a point that my weight loss has been stalled for while and I just need to up my exercise and work through this plateau.  Ok so it might help if I slowed down on my steady diet of chocolate but what the heck I have to keep my life worth living.  So this morning I did some P90X abs and upper body work.  I am giving my knee a break.  And I hope that tomorrow I can do a run of at least 6 miles.  Pretty soon I will have snow up to my ass and not be able to get out there and run.  I have to take advantage of these nice weather days.  Ok so that’s my rant today. 



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So what is your favorite way to relax on the weekend??  This is mine.

010 yummy yummy for my tummy.

Ok so it’s not a very exciting drink.  Just a quad decaf iced espresso with a little milk.  But boy do I love it.  I get so much enjoyment from simply sitting here relaxing enjoying my drink and spend some quality time with my laptop.  So because of knee issues I was sidelined from running this morning so I did some serious ab work with P90X.  I guess it worked since I can barely move now.  Afterward I made the most scrumptious smoothie with some fruit I froze a little while back.  Strawberries, blueberries and banananananana.  Really good with about half a container of light vanilla yogurt.  I put it in my cute purple “to go” cup.

005   004

I am also enjoying another favorite snack

011 Seriously who doesn’t love these things??  My big complaint is that there is just not enough in the damn bag! 


Just a QUICKIE!! October 5, 2010

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Tonight I came home from work and had a quickie. Now get your mind out of the gutter.  I mean I did a quick 4 mile run.  Wait did I say a 4 miler was quick?  Yes yes I did.  After my 1/2 I feel like 4 miles is nuttin!  Oh and before I forget I did it in these babies>>>>



Ohhhh yes my new fab shoes!  I cannot tell you how excited I am about having these new shoes.  They are the bomb diggity.  Remember wayyy back when.  Well maybe not that far back.  I remember when I went shoe shopping with my mom and new tennis shoes would make me run way faster.  Fast I tell ya.  I would run back and forth in the store to prove how super fast I was.  I was always so proud of my new shoes.  So I guess things really don’t change much.  Cause here I am showing off my new shoes.

Oh yes and 1 more thing.  I wore my new shirt from the half marathon.  It is soooo bright.  You can see me comin and goin! 





Week in review October 2, 2010

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So here we are.  Ok so here I am.  One week post half marathon.  Last Saturday I was doing the biggest run thus far on my journey.  I was filled with excitement and the ultimate feeling of joy at my success.  Now exactly one week later I sit with my laptop in Starbucks reflecting.  So I decided instead of taking it easy for a week post race I would take on some new challenges.  I signed up for a 6 week BOOTCAMP!  I have never done a bootcamp class before. So as I sit here on this super hard wooden chair that is not even remotely comfortable to begin with I can feel each and every one of my muscles in my oh soooo sore bottom and legs.  I ache.  I WANT Advil.  However I  have an extreme sensitivity to ibuprofen now since my stomach surgery, so that is not an option.  So I guess I have to embrace the ache!  No pain no gain…um NOT.  Thank goodness we know that is not the case anymore.  But anyway this is an overview of the last 7 days:

Saturday – 1/2 marathon

Sunday – Rest

Monday – 3 mile run

Tuesday – Bootcamp

Wednesday – Jazzercise

Thursday – Bootcamp

Friday – Jazzercise


And today I woke up to cold and drizzle  So far nothing today.  But I am thinking a good run this afternoon would be great.  Or I go rent a couple of movies and go home and get in my cozies and relax.  Tomorrow may be a better day for a run. I am happy to have some extra flexibility in my schedule so that I don’t feel like I HAVE to only run.  That I can do some other cross training activities without feeling like I have varied from my running schedule.  I have wanted to try a Bootcamp for a while and I have been looking into a kickboxing class.  This is the first time in my life that I feel like I am physically fit enough to take these classes and do well.  However I think I have to spend some time looking for a new goal.  I want to keep my running up so that I don’t get sidetracked.  I want to spend some time now working on speed.  Ohh that is hard with muscles so sore that it hurts to bend down and tie my shoes.  I just need a few extra hours in the day to fit everything in.  Other people seem to manage so why not me?    Work, house, husband, animals, excercise.  Repeat.  Notice there is no mention of friends or socializing.  Where is the time?  I mean really?  I am not even trying to be dramatic.  But by the time I do everything during the week by the time the weekend comes I am tired.  The last thing I want to even think about is the pressures of actually getting myself together to commit to any social activities.  I need to find some friends that I can work out or run with.  That would help.  I am thinking of joining the gym near my house for the winter.  I know that my outdoor activities are going to be extremely limited here, so in order to get in my miles I am going to have to depend on the treadmill.  Or else move.  Hehe it sounds funny but you never know.




ANOTHER MILESTONE September 26, 2010

Check one more item off the list.  Yesterday I completed my first HALF MARATHON.  That’s right shout it from the rooftops people.  I did it.  And after all my anxiety I DID IT WELL!  Yes I am proud.  My official time 2:42:17.  My goal had been 2:45 so there ya go.  My brother Len did the run with me.  He ran every step of the way with me and we finished together.  It was awesome.  It was the Arkon Roadrunner Marathon in Akron, Ohio.   As we ran I reflected on how far I have come in the last year.  One year ago I could not run for 30 seconds at a time.  That is where I started.  Run for 30 seconds and then walk.  And then work myself up to running for 1 minute and then walk.  And then run for 1 entire song.   And then walk…..And then I did my first 5K.  And then my first 10K.  And now my first Half Marathon.  I am proud to say that we did not walk one time.  We kept going one foot in front of the other.  That has always been my goal NO WALKING.  And I did it.  It was exciting and emotional and just fun.  I could not believe how well I paced myself.  I paid close attention to my hear rate and tried to not exceed my peak.  My breathing was perfect I could talk without to much trouble and I felt GREAT.  I felt way better than on my training runs.  I also ran the entire thing with no music.  I had my ipod on and headphones in all set but I never turned it on at all.  I wanted to be “in” the moment. I wanted to hear everything around me.  Other runners talking, the sound of my own breathing.  The echos of feet hitting the pavement.  The thick adrenaline in the air.  My raggedy breathing as I was getting up the last hills in the 11th mile….it was a 5% grade.  The digging way down the not stopping.  I wanted to hear all of that.  I did not want to lose myself in the music this time.  This time, my first time, I wanted to be there 100%.  I know that there will be more goals in the future and I know I will always be looking for my PR’s now.  But this time on September 25,2010 will always be at the very top of my accomplishments.  I worked really hard for it.  And now I have the medal to prove it!  YAY! YAY! YAY!

marathon 2

marathon 1

marathon medal Of course I will post the professional photos from race day as soon as they are available. These were just taken from my phone.  Of course we ran off at 5:30am with dead batteries in our camera.  Oh well!


We interupt the regularly scheduled programing September 21, 2010

Ok so although I love working on my vacation blogs and posting lots o’ pictures.  I have to interrupt and talk about my upcoming half marathon.  This Saturday September 25th I am running my first half!!  I am already a bundle of nerves.  I am worried.  About a lot of things.  I know that I can finish it.  I have been training for a long time.  My training runs have taken me up to 11 miles.  I know that come hell or high water I will make it to the finish.  If I have to crawl I will do it!  I am simply afraid of not doing it well.  I am afraid of totally blowing my time and embarrassing myself I am worried about simply not being good  enough.  I drove the route last Sunday and there are a lot more hills than I ever expected.  BIG HILLS!  My brother is coming down from Michigan to run it with me.  I have been looking forward to this for so long and have myself so jacked up about it.  Can you say ADRENALINE???  My stomach is in knots already…how will I be come race day?  I am worried.  If anyone happens to read this and has any experience at all on this I would love it if you could give me some hints on how to calm my nerves.  I am sure I will post about this again before Sunday but I just wanted to put this out there!