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Sweet success December 5, 2010

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Right out of the gate I have to talk about the Reindeer Run this morning.  I did it.  Yay it was brutal cold but I made it.  Don’t I look ready???

DSCN0929 I was ready to get my run on!  My stomach looks gigantic in this pic!  Wow note to self maybe I want to work on the self photo taking skills.  Anyway I woke up about 6am and decided to risk frostbite by tip toeing from my room to the shower.  I think I could see my breath.  I’m not gonna lie it was really cold this morning.  Since I got up early and I didn’t need to leave until about 7:45am that gave me plenty of time to work on the future cover picture of Runners World.  Please excuse my swollen (looks like I partied all night) face.  I hate to disappoint but unless you consider hiding under my electric blanket with a certain Min Pin I know by 10pm a party. 

DSCN0928Sassy pants! 

I was ready this morning.  I just tried to forget that my sore throat, cough and tight chest was making a return.  Other than that I did get a pretty good nights sleep.  DSCN0933  I hate to make this all about me….well ok who else would it really be about?  I mean really who else matters.  But geez my face looks so fat.  It looks like I have put on about 50 pounds since last Saturday.  Hey it could be possible.  Anyway I bundled up and headed out.  Of course my first stop was at Starbucks for a Tall hot coffee.  I needed a little something to warm me up.  By the time I reached the race and found a completely illegal parking spot I only had about 15 minutes to get ready and get to the start.  I put on my new purpley hat, gloves and my fab black and pink polka dot spi belt and took off.  Running along Lake Erie while it is 25 degrees outside is really not what I would consider optimal conditions.  My little piggy’s were freezing.  There were some interesting things to look at though.  People were very creative when it came to there outfits.  I seen more than one Christmas tree atop someone’s head. So as I made my way to the start the first major fail of the day happened.  My ipod was completely dead!  I raged at myself for not checking it in advance of heading out.  I really needed some music to keep me going today.  I’m not gonna lie it was pretty miserable listening to my ragged, gasping breaths for 30 minutes.  I guess I lined up a little to far to the back because I had to spend the first several minutes weaving my way thru children under 3 and women over 80.  At least I have 2 groups of people I can take out!  What can I tell you I am a competitor  I have no shame.  Unfortunately from the first step I had a really tough time controlling my breathing and pace.  I was up, down and all around.  I know taking some time off from running and being sick has a lot to do with it.  But it was really getting frustrating for me.  And have I mentioned how cold it was?  I thought my pace was pretty good, until of course I got to the finish and was able to see my actual time.  I felt like I was doing about 6 minute miles…turns out it was about double that!  However my time was about 5 minutes better than my first 5k in May.  So I think that is progress.  I cannot help but to compare myself to everyone else out there.  I always hear people say….run your own race…but you know what???  I want to beat people.  I look at these girls out there who are half my age and my main thought is I have to pass them.  I have to get a better time.  I have to prove that I am not to old, to fat or to out of shape.  But in the next moment I have someone who granted is much younger than I am but probably out weighed me by at least 100 pounds…and she passed me.  I could see how much she was struggling.  She was giving her 150% .  I wanted to tell her good job, go girl you are amazing and you can do it.  I didn’t but what I did do was let her pass and I followed her thru the finish line.   I know she wasn’t thinking about me.  I know she was not thinking if only I could beat the old woman in the purple hat.  But I am glad she passed me.  I hope she left that race today and told everyone she knows what a great job she did.  So anyway I made it.  And it felt good.  I was thinking about it afterward and I don’t get into a groove and find my sweet spot while running until at least the 2nd or 3rd mile.   I do my best running during longer distances.  That is so foreign and weird for me to consider that I am a distance runner.  Hmm.  Oh yes I am also proud to report that I refrained from attaching the extremely annoying jingle bells they handed out to my shoes.  And to all of those that did…well I think that we should tack on at least 5 minutes to your finish time as a penalty for being so obnoxious!

So here I am after the race! 

post race

Lake Erie in the distance


Oh yes and in even bigger news I made my very first Vlog today on YouTube.  Go check me out at MsOverweighted.  You can see for your very own eyes how lame I really am.  Smile


I can see clearly now the rain is gone November 29, 2010

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So now I am just pissed off!  I have spent the last 45 minutes creating an awesome and dare I say witty post and I lost the entire thing.  Now that is so aggravating.  I know it has happened to everyone but grrrr I am F’n mad as hell.  I wrote about how sad I was that I had to go back to the coal mines today after having an extra long weekend.  I wrote about packing my old tin lunch box and lacing up my old time worn leather work boots for my 30 mile walk to the mine. NOT!  I actually jumped out of bed after the alarm on my cell phone woke me.  I showered, powdered, fired up the CHI and tried to make myself presentable for the day.  Then I jumped in my Honda floored it to Starbucks and then headed off to drive the 30 miles to work while listening to my book on cd.  I am trying to work thru all of the Classics…Shopaholic & Baby!  I know very heavy listening.  But it keeps me entertained.  So after I got to work I found this:

DSCN0925Holy make all my dreams come true!  I call it fate that I found this catalog.  I cannot wait to sit here this evening and pick out all of my favorites and make my Christmas list for Santa.    And lucky for me I got my new glasses today.  Yay!  So now I can shop for my yummies with a clear view.  And I am feeling pretty stylish to.




Yup I am feelin those new specs!  I really like them.  Anyway I don’t know anyone who really gets into shopping on Cyber Monday but this year I thought I might give it a whirl.  And I found my new best friend.

garmin 305Oh yeah baby my new Garmin.  I am sooo excited.  I cannot wait to get it.  It was between the 305 and the new 405 but after reading a gazillion reviews I decided to go with the older version.  I thought that the touch bezel on the 405 would aggravate me.  And I got this one brand new off of Walmarts website for $99 includes free shipping.  That is a great deal!  After my stellar fail also known as the Turkey Trot I have tried to redeem myself by doing 2 back to back days of running.  Each run was about 4 miles, so I feel a little less like a complete and total loser.  I heard some feed back from the Turkey Trot and I guess it poured rain until just before the start time where it lightened to a cold drizzle for the duration of the race.  Had I known I would have went.  I guess there is next year.  Anyway I am excited about the freedom the Garmin is going to give me as far as just taking off and running.  Not worried about mapping it out in advance and trying to figure out the mileage.  And I am tired of only going on the same routes that I have already measured.  This way I can mix it up a little.  So yippy skippy! I will write a review of it as soon as I give it a test drive.  Well I have spent enough time doing and redoing this post so off I go to find myself some viddles.


SUNDAY RUNDAY October 17, 2010

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Good morning / afternoon from Starbucks.  I am here with my very best friend


I know exciting right?  What can I tell you?  I don’t smoke, I don’t drink alcohol except on extremely rare occassions, I don’t drink ANYTHING carbonated.  I think soda pop is poison!  I watch what I eat and I work out a lot.  So if my (sometimes) twice daily Starbucks habit bothers you well then get the latte heck out of here! No not really don’t go away nobody else reads this blog.  I need all two of you.  So back to business.  I did a 6 mile run this morning.  The day could not be better for it.  Oh my gosh it is sunny and in the 50’s.  Just a great fall day.  Perfect running weather.  I wore my new half marathon shirt of course.  I pretty much wear it every chance I get!  I can’t help it if I am proud.

run 1That is a wow I am soooo over this look.  Anywho….I did great I felt like I had some good energy going and I was pushing myself.   While trying to maintain a good heart rate.  Not going to fast that I would wear myself out.  And then it happened at around mile 4.  F’n knee pain.  Seriously WTF????  This is not what I need.  I have not worked this hard for this long to get wear I am physically just to throw it all down the drain because of my knee.  This is so FRUSTRATING.  DAMN DAMN DAMMIT!  Well because I am an ass I just kept going…because well that’s just what I do.  I keep going.  So now here I sit at my home away from home crying in my decaf espresso.  Thinking I better go home and ice this thing again.  Besides I am sweaty and disgusting and people are starting to look at me funny.  Maybe they are just jealous of my hot headband and super subtle shirt.

run 2 Don’t ya wish your girlfriend was hot like me?  Don’t ya!


Autumnal Ranting

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Happy Super Autumnal Saturday!  What a terrific sunny cool day it is here in NE Ohio.  This is how I feel today:


This is a seriously TA DA!!! moment.  So here is the thing.  I just after all this time figured out how to use the self timer on my phone and my NIKON.  WTF???  It is so easy what an idget I am for not thinking about this sooner.  Now I can take photos that are actually further away than

the end of my arm. This opens up a whole new world to me.  I actually was trying to send some photos of me and the two black furry kids to my husband who is STILL out of town.  He will hopefully be back on Wednesday.  So the first couple of days of freedom are great!  Wow I can do what I want, eat what I want, sleep when I want, have total full control over the TV.  Then on the 3rd day I start getting bored.  And by the 5th day I start getting lonely.  And by this time 2 1/2 weeks later I am just stir crazy.  I am talking to the dogs wayyyyy more than is normal.  Here’s the problem.  He is out making money and because he is gone and I am painfully bored I want to spend money.  Umm hello I think that is counter productive.  But at least I figured out the self timers.


downsized_1016001131[1] She is scared and doesn’t really want to play this game anymore!  Hahaha

009 And this big guy just wants to be left alone to sun himself.

So I have recently had some knee problems.  I think it started the first week of doing boot camp.   Call me crazy but I think that maybe I shouldn’t have done two hundred gazillion lunges on my first day of class.  What do you think boot camp lady who is supposed to be expert professional?  Hmm??  And btw please stop telling me that I will only get out what I put into it.  I think I get that.  Excuse me miss inappropriately to tight camel toe making ugly camouflage workout pants wearing boot camp Nazi but in the last year I have lost 100 pounds and taken my fitness level from a big fat 0 to running a half marathon.  I think I understand how to push myself and take it to the next level.  And now I am having knee issues.  So thanks for that.  And yes I am just stupid enough to go back…why??  because I made a commitment to myself to complete 6 weeks of boot camp and so that’s what I am going to do.  Now however I am faced with suffering from sometimes extreme knee pain and finding it necessary to spend precious minutes from my day icing the damn thing.  Yesterday I did a 4 mile run and by the time I was finished and back home it was starting to swell.  I iced it and relaxed for awhile. 

Then at the request of my animals who are sick and tired of me I decided to go up to Borders and do some reading and blogging.  After being up there for a couple of hours I had to come back home.  I was having a lot of throbbing aching pain.  So today I am forced to rest it.  And I don’t want to.  I am at a point that my weight loss has been stalled for while and I just need to up my exercise and work through this plateau.  Ok so it might help if I slowed down on my steady diet of chocolate but what the heck I have to keep my life worth living.  So this morning I did some P90X abs and upper body work.  I am giving my knee a break.  And I hope that tomorrow I can do a run of at least 6 miles.  Pretty soon I will have snow up to my ass and not be able to get out there and run.  I have to take advantage of these nice weather days.  Ok so that’s my rant today. 


When the cat’s away…the wife will go shopping October 10, 2010

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Yup today was a very successful day of shopping.  My husband is not going to want to go away for work again.  Do I feel bad that he is off working hard and I take my day off to shop, shop and shop some more, umm ok I do feel sort of bad.  But then I just look at these babies and suddenly I feel a little better.

005   Do I hear angels singing?? 

I did not take a picture but I also bought a pair of jeans.  What you want to know more?  Oh ok they are Levis.  What you want to know more about them?  Like the size??  Ohhhhh that’s right SIZE 4.  And for my Spanish speaking friends CUATRO.  Ok so maybe they run a little big.  Or they have a little extra stretch.  But they are still a 4. 

toot horn

Almost as exciting I made a new discovery at Costco.  Of course it’s Saturday Sample day.  They cast out the line and hooked me with the first bite with this stuff

007 Yummy.  The first thing you taste it the sweet raspberry with a smokiness similar to barbecue sauce.  That is quickly followed by a soft mild heat from the jalapeños.  The first thing I did when I got home was put some light cream cheese on a cracker and top it with my Raspberry Chipotle Sauce.  I can’t wait to try this in some other recipes.  Tomorrow I have a 6.5 mile run planned.  And maybe just maybe a little bit more shopping.  I am on the hunt for a new purse / bag.  I have had some knee issues today so I am gonna sit here and ice it and watch a movie.  Toodles!



FOOD DAYS! October 8, 2010

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So for the last 2 days at work we have had food days.  Yesterday our team brought in food for a baby shower.  And today the company supplied a catered lunch for Excellence in Customer Service Week.  I work for a very large insurance company.  So for the last 2 days I have had to struggle to get thru the workday without bingeing!  And guess what?  Hmm do you have a guess?  Well here it is people I have FAILED.  Actually failed miserably would be more accurate way to describe it.   So now I get to take myself thru the entire weekend carrying around the shame on my back like some kind of growth.  It feels like my big scarlet letter.  The fact that I have an unbelievable lack of self control is one thing.  The reality is that this junk food makes me literally sick.  I cannot eat it and function.  You would think that would stop me in my tracks.  But noooo it doesn’t.  When there is a laid out table on the other side of my little cubicle wall and I can not only rise up and take a peak, but smell it all day long and watch my co workers indulging.  Ahhh it makes me nuts.  So this now starts a weekend of damage control.  So instead of eating intuitively for the next couple of days I am going to have to really watch my caloric intake.  I had planned on a run tonight and then a long run on either Saturday or Sunday.  And of course I would love to get a Jazzercise class in.  My hubby is out of town for work so I am on my own this weekend.  Just me and my pups.  Hopefully that will help keep me in check!  I have 10 more   20 more pounds to lose.  Only I can control what goes in my mouth.  I am going to start crossing my fingers and hoping I find the willpower.  Ahh and note to self.  STOP EATING SUGAR STUPID!  That will be my new thing SESS. 

This is the remnant of the brownie I ate at after lunch:

Brownie you make me sick!

 I think I should also have this tattooed on my body:


Just a QUICKIE!! October 5, 2010

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Tonight I came home from work and had a quickie. Now get your mind out of the gutter.  I mean I did a quick 4 mile run.  Wait did I say a 4 miler was quick?  Yes yes I did.  After my 1/2 I feel like 4 miles is nuttin!  Oh and before I forget I did it in these babies>>>>



Ohhhh yes my new fab shoes!  I cannot tell you how excited I am about having these new shoes.  They are the bomb diggity.  Remember wayyy back when.  Well maybe not that far back.  I remember when I went shoe shopping with my mom and new tennis shoes would make me run way faster.  Fast I tell ya.  I would run back and forth in the store to prove how super fast I was.  I was always so proud of my new shoes.  So I guess things really don’t change much.  Cause here I am showing off my new shoes.

Oh yes and 1 more thing.  I wore my new shirt from the half marathon.  It is soooo bright.  You can see me comin and goin!