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ANOTHER MILESTONE September 26, 2010

Check one more item off the list.  Yesterday I completed my first HALF MARATHON.  That’s right shout it from the rooftops people.  I did it.  And after all my anxiety I DID IT WELL!  Yes I am proud.  My official time 2:42:17.  My goal had been 2:45 so there ya go.  My brother Len did the run with me.  He ran every step of the way with me and we finished together.  It was awesome.  It was the Arkon Roadrunner Marathon in Akron, Ohio.   As we ran I reflected on how far I have come in the last year.  One year ago I could not run for 30 seconds at a time.  That is where I started.  Run for 30 seconds and then walk.  And then work myself up to running for 1 minute and then walk.  And then run for 1 entire song.   And then walk…..And then I did my first 5K.  And then my first 10K.  And now my first Half Marathon.  I am proud to say that we did not walk one time.  We kept going one foot in front of the other.  That has always been my goal NO WALKING.  And I did it.  It was exciting and emotional and just fun.  I could not believe how well I paced myself.  I paid close attention to my hear rate and tried to not exceed my peak.  My breathing was perfect I could talk without to much trouble and I felt GREAT.  I felt way better than on my training runs.  I also ran the entire thing with no music.  I had my ipod on and headphones in all set but I never turned it on at all.  I wanted to be “in” the moment. I wanted to hear everything around me.  Other runners talking, the sound of my own breathing.  The echos of feet hitting the pavement.  The thick adrenaline in the air.  My raggedy breathing as I was getting up the last hills in the 11th mile….it was a 5% grade.  The digging way down the not stopping.  I wanted to hear all of that.  I did not want to lose myself in the music this time.  This time, my first time, I wanted to be there 100%.  I know that there will be more goals in the future and I know I will always be looking for my PR’s now.  But this time on September 25,2010 will always be at the very top of my accomplishments.  I worked really hard for it.  And now I have the medal to prove it!  YAY! YAY! YAY!

marathon 2

marathon 1

marathon medal Of course I will post the professional photos from race day as soon as they are available. These were just taken from my phone.  Of course we ran off at 5:30am with dead batteries in our camera.  Oh well!


We interupt the regularly scheduled programing September 21, 2010

Ok so although I love working on my vacation blogs and posting lots o’ pictures.  I have to interrupt and talk about my upcoming half marathon.  This Saturday September 25th I am running my first half!!  I am already a bundle of nerves.  I am worried.  About a lot of things.  I know that I can finish it.  I have been training for a long time.  My training runs have taken me up to 11 miles.  I know that come hell or high water I will make it to the finish.  If I have to crawl I will do it!  I am simply afraid of not doing it well.  I am afraid of totally blowing my time and embarrassing myself I am worried about simply not being good  enough.  I drove the route last Sunday and there are a lot more hills than I ever expected.  BIG HILLS!  My brother is coming down from Michigan to run it with me.  I have been looking forward to this for so long and have myself so jacked up about it.  Can you say ADRENALINE???  My stomach is in knots already…how will I be come race day?  I am worried.  If anyone happens to read this and has any experience at all on this I would love it if you could give me some hints on how to calm my nerves.  I am sure I will post about this again before Sunday but I just wanted to put this out there!