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Autumnal Ranting October 17, 2010

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Happy Super Autumnal Saturday!  What a terrific sunny cool day it is here in NE Ohio.  This is how I feel today:


This is a seriously TA DA!!! moment.  So here is the thing.  I just after all this time figured out how to use the self timer on my phone and my NIKON.  WTF???  It is so easy what an idget I am for not thinking about this sooner.  Now I can take photos that are actually further away than

the end of my arm. This opens up a whole new world to me.  I actually was trying to send some photos of me and the two black furry kids to my husband who is STILL out of town.  He will hopefully be back on Wednesday.  So the first couple of days of freedom are great!  Wow I can do what I want, eat what I want, sleep when I want, have total full control over the TV.  Then on the 3rd day I start getting bored.  And by the 5th day I start getting lonely.  And by this time 2 1/2 weeks later I am just stir crazy.  I am talking to the dogs wayyyyy more than is normal.  Here’s the problem.  He is out making money and because he is gone and I am painfully bored I want to spend money.  Umm hello I think that is counter productive.  But at least I figured out the self timers.


downsized_1016001131[1] She is scared and doesn’t really want to play this game anymore!  Hahaha

009 And this big guy just wants to be left alone to sun himself.

So I have recently had some knee problems.  I think it started the first week of doing boot camp.   Call me crazy but I think that maybe I shouldn’t have done two hundred gazillion lunges on my first day of class.  What do you think boot camp lady who is supposed to be expert professional?  Hmm??  And btw please stop telling me that I will only get out what I put into it.  I think I get that.  Excuse me miss inappropriately to tight camel toe making ugly camouflage workout pants wearing boot camp Nazi but in the last year I have lost 100 pounds and taken my fitness level from a big fat 0 to running a half marathon.  I think I understand how to push myself and take it to the next level.  And now I am having knee issues.  So thanks for that.  And yes I am just stupid enough to go back…why??  because I made a commitment to myself to complete 6 weeks of boot camp and so that’s what I am going to do.  Now however I am faced with suffering from sometimes extreme knee pain and finding it necessary to spend precious minutes from my day icing the damn thing.  Yesterday I did a 4 mile run and by the time I was finished and back home it was starting to swell.  I iced it and relaxed for awhile. 

Then at the request of my animals who are sick and tired of me I decided to go up to Borders and do some reading and blogging.  After being up there for a couple of hours I had to come back home.  I was having a lot of throbbing aching pain.  So today I am forced to rest it.  And I don’t want to.  I am at a point that my weight loss has been stalled for while and I just need to up my exercise and work through this plateau.  Ok so it might help if I slowed down on my steady diet of chocolate but what the heck I have to keep my life worth living.  So this morning I did some P90X abs and upper body work.  I am giving my knee a break.  And I hope that tomorrow I can do a run of at least 6 miles.  Pretty soon I will have snow up to my ass and not be able to get out there and run.  I have to take advantage of these nice weather days.  Ok so that’s my rant today. 


FOOD DAYS! October 8, 2010

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So for the last 2 days at work we have had food days.  Yesterday our team brought in food for a baby shower.  And today the company supplied a catered lunch for Excellence in Customer Service Week.  I work for a very large insurance company.  So for the last 2 days I have had to struggle to get thru the workday without bingeing!  And guess what?  Hmm do you have a guess?  Well here it is people I have FAILED.  Actually failed miserably would be more accurate way to describe it.   So now I get to take myself thru the entire weekend carrying around the shame on my back like some kind of growth.  It feels like my big scarlet letter.  The fact that I have an unbelievable lack of self control is one thing.  The reality is that this junk food makes me literally sick.  I cannot eat it and function.  You would think that would stop me in my tracks.  But noooo it doesn’t.  When there is a laid out table on the other side of my little cubicle wall and I can not only rise up and take a peak, but smell it all day long and watch my co workers indulging.  Ahhh it makes me nuts.  So this now starts a weekend of damage control.  So instead of eating intuitively for the next couple of days I am going to have to really watch my caloric intake.  I had planned on a run tonight and then a long run on either Saturday or Sunday.  And of course I would love to get a Jazzercise class in.  My hubby is out of town for work so I am on my own this weekend.  Just me and my pups.  Hopefully that will help keep me in check!  I have 10 more   20 more pounds to lose.  Only I can control what goes in my mouth.  I am going to start crossing my fingers and hoping I find the willpower.  Ahh and note to self.  STOP EATING SUGAR STUPID!  That will be my new thing SESS. 

This is the remnant of the brownie I ate at after lunch:

Brownie you make me sick!

 I think I should also have this tattooed on my body:



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305               306

308 309


313 314 513 510 Yes I did take a bite!

515 519

And now friends I am hungry!


Welcome to St. Martin or st. maarten or sint maarten September 18, 2010

Anyway you spell it, it is magnificent!  Wow what a wonderful place.  My step nephew is living here in Philipsburg going to medical school.  So while my brother and his wife spent the day with him, my mom sister and husband explored the shopping!  Here are some photos of our arrival to the island.




Chris (hubby), Steven (brother), Mom.




140         143   150

144    Me again…cover your eyes for the next one.  I think this is called copping a feel.  Ahahahhaa.



151 152


We found an amazing chocolate place here on this side street.  And a great french owned cafe where we ate lunch.  The french bottled water was yummy.  The cafe was really trendy and the eating area was located upstairs from a store front.  The following are photos of my lil box o chocolate and the interior of the cafe.




159        160

161      163

164     167

We did get lunch here…we were famished so there was no time for photos of it.  Basically pretty generic club sandwiches.  Nothing fancy.  But there were other patrons who had pizza that looked just amazing. 


And no Chris did not allow me to shop here…..sometimes he is a poopy head!  🙂


And everyone was very surprised that I actually owned real estate on the island!


171 The beach was great but the island had just been hit my hurricane Earl.  So there were so many seashells I could not even walk along or in the water without risking cutting my feet.  I did go in but I was the only one.  The piles of stuff you see in the picture are piles of debris they were raking up from the storm.  Lots of bottles, glass, and junk.



Our ship along with one from Royal.


So that is some of the fun from the Isle of St. Martin.  We had lots of fun and the weather was perfect. 



On a happier note August 22, 2010

This is my new baby

Yes that’s right.  Please dont me jealous!  I finally got a new laptop.  My old Dell had been beatin and abused and finally gave up the fight.  So now I have this beauty to spend my time with.  It has lots of new gadgets on it I can spend my time playing with.  I am a proud Mama!

Oh and I have to give props to Mr. Overweighted because without him this would not have been possible.  I look forward to many hours of blogging.

  Yep thats my sugar daddy!


Woe is me.

So it has been awhile since my last post.  There are reasons….of course there always are.  I am trying to figure it all out myself.  Seems that my mood and my attitude could use some serious work.  I have been freaking depressed.  Depressed, tired and just feeling old in general.  I feel like something is lacking.  I am just not happy with myself.  It seems that no matter how many pounds I lose or how many goals I reach I am just not satisfied.  I cannot help but to read others blosg and postings and compare my life to theres.  I am not a perky 25 year old that go out and run 15 miles just for fun.  I am also intelligent enough to know that everyone has problems.  It is just hard to remind myself of that.  I have a lot of great things going on in my life, I am soon going on a great trip and have some new exciting challenges at work.  But that is hard to remember sometimes.  I find very difficult still to control my eating and change my habits.  This extreme intensive program has been going on for over a year and I am just simply getting tired. To be honest I feel ugly.  I look at myself and pick my self apart.  Really most days nothing is right.  I can make a full list of all the things about me that I hate.  I see my reflection and only see the frizzy hair, the lines in my forhead, the wrinkles around my eyes.   It doesnt help that I had to take time off….as a matter of fact an entire week off from my workouts and running this week.  I was having some pretty intense pain in my hip so I felt it was best.  I also needed the time off to really think about what I want.  What I REALLY want.  Do I want to continue with what I consider to be extreme running and training.  Do I want to get a handle on my eating and my still bad habits?  Am I prepared to do what it takes no matter what?  Can I mantain the schedue required to do this?  The answer is YES!  Yes I can and I will.  I have made a commitment to run the 1/2 marathon on Sept. 25th and that is what I am going to do.  And I am going to do it well!  I will stick to my training plan without letting up.  Now let me be clear.  That does not mean that I am still not feeling depressed, tired, ugly, and fed up…because I am.  And I am going to try and work on that to.  I am afraid that is going to take a whole lot more than the training for the 1/2 but I want to feel happy.  And this past week without the workouts..I have not felt happy that is for sure.  So I am now on a mission.   And I don’t plan on stopping.  I have come to far to give up on myself.  I am in charge of my own destiny.  I am not prepared to give that up.

How can I give up on this??? 🙂


Today I am 40 August 12, 2010

So this is what 40 looks like.

Today is the big fat ugly 4 0 …..I have tried to prepare for this day.  But ugg I never really wanted to see it.  Don’t get me wrong I am glad to be alive, I am happy to be healthy…blah blah blah.  But I still never  wanted the calendar to tell me that I am now FORTY!!!  I celebrated this morning by staying in bed with my head under the covers.  Now I am work…woowoo!  Oh ya big party.  NOT!  I will have to see how the rest of the day works out.

This is how 40 feels (to me)