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About June 13, 2010

The "new" me.

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The old and the new me!

About me….hmmm ok then about me.  I am 39 years old.  I will be for just a couple of months.  I am coming up very quickly on that milestone birthday.  Am I happy about it?  No not really.  Am I realistic about it?  Yes. 

I am married to a great guy and have 2 great step kids.  And we all live in Cleveland, Ohio.  I have started and stopped so many things over and over in my life.  I have found more failure than success when it comes to my health my body and my weight. I had severe diabetes with many complications. My body rejected most medications and I was on a slippery slope.  I have made the poorest decisions in the past when choosing how to treat myself.  But I made a decision to change that.  I made a decision to re-invent myself.  I made a decision to change my life forever.  On October 22, 2009 I took the first step in what I know will be a new life for me.  On that day I  had Roux  en y  gastric bypass surgery.  I made a choice that day to make my life better forever and I have not looked back since!  I have worked soooo hard since then!  I never really knew how hard it would be.  It is not something I speak about often and really did not know if I would have the courage to actually put it on here.  But I decided that this blog for me is about  honesty.  About being true to myself and trying to get rid of feelings of shame.  Shame has plagued me my entire life.  I have always felt ashamed of how I looked or what I ate or things I said.  And many people make me feel shame about the radical procedure that I underwent to make my quality and length of life better.  But here I will hold my head up high and celebrate every goal I achieve, every mile I run and every day that I choose to live the best life!  And that’s just a little about me.


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Beth Luwandi Says:

    Great to find your blog! Congratulations on the life changes you are making! I will be back to keep up with your progress!

  2. thebettylife Says:

    What a huge transformation. You look great! Look forward to reading your progress 🙂

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