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Did you say pulled pork & chocolate? January 16, 2011

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So last week the Mr. and I traveled to Charlotte, North Carolina to look around in the hopes of relocating there in the near future.  I was super happy to find what a truly nice area it is.  We jammed as much in the couple of days we were there that we possibly could.  We arrived on Thursday afternoon, checked in to our hotel a brand new Comfort Suites in Huntersville.  This place was so nice.  My hubbs actually booked the room and I have to admit I was skeptical at first but wow I was really impressed.

DSCN0997    DSCN0994  DSCN1000

Everything was super clean and new.  It even still had the new smell upon entering the room.  Just like that new car smell Smile .  The staff was incredibly helpful and nice.  We had tons of questions for them about the area.  Where to eat, shop, live etc.  They had answers.  I even told them what company I worked for and that I had a site tour on Friday morning and the gentleman was able to give me exact directions on how to get there off the top of his head.  I was impressed.  Our first bit of business was dinner.  After asking for recommendations we decided on a local place known for barbecue.  Someone suggested Mac’s Speed Shop so that’s where we headed. Mac’s is a local “biker” bar and hang out.   After chatting up the waitress and studying the menu for a good 20 minutes we were ready to order.

  DSCN2772                      DSCN2773

For the first time ever my husband and I tried fried pickles.  In one word YUM!  I really liked them.  They were not greasy at all and still had a crispness.  I also found them to be a bit spicy.  We also ordered wings.  Which I know does not sound like anything out of the ordinary but again yup YUM!  The wings were NOT breaded and fried.  They were cooked on the grill and they were wonderful.  With a light coating of there house seasoning and the flavor of the grill really the best wings I have ever eatin and I am not usually a big fan.  I should point out that the appetizers were half off.  Apparently we hit this place just at the right time.  Yay for being frugal.  As our main course we ordered a sampler plate.  It consisted of pulled pork, ribs, beer can chicken, and beef brisket. It also came with your choice of 2 sides.  We decided to go with the baked beans and the red beans and rice.   The menu said it would feed 2.  Seriously it could have fed at least 3 or 4.  It was good I would not consider it great.  The brisket was a bit tough but the ribs and pulled pork made up for that and the chicken was kind of bland.   So here’s the thing I love me some barbecue I really do but I guess I did not give any consideration to the different types of barbecue.  I always knew there were different types now I know first hand.  I know and love my tomato based spicy, sweet and thick sauces.  And I love it poured on thick.  Imagine my surprise when I grabbed for the bottle of sauce on the table to find a thin somewhat watery looking vinegar based sauce.  Ummm ya umm no I don’t really like that.  I was disappointed to say the least.  I was wearing a big pouty face.  Sad smile  I also did not get any photos inside the place.  I felt a bit weird doing it.  There were several people in there and it just didn’t seem to be the time or place for it.  Oh and by the way for you NASCAR fans I should point out that this place is directly across the street from here.


After sufficiently stuffing ourselves we decided to drive around a bit and see what kind of trouble we could get into.  And what did my eagle eye find conveniently located right down the street??

DSCN2776Yup that big cozy blanket that I wrap around my shoulders.  Starbucks.  And I can say from lots of experience this was a nice one.  Very trendy.  In the same corner of the little plaza was a really fantastic looking Wine Bar.  It is the same concept as a coffee shop but for wine.  Complete with cozy seating areas with plenty of places to chat and even some games.  I tried to get some decent pics but it was dark and I was trying not to seem like to much of a creeper.


I kind of do look like a creeper.


I know the people on the inside thought it a bit odd that I was taking photos of them sitting there minding there own business.  Alas the things I do for this little ol unread blog.  To end the evening we drove back to the area where our hotel was and just happened to come across this place…insert the sound of trumpets and angels singing here>


So listen I am not an expert at anything but I know what I like and when it comes to sugar and chocolate well let’s just say that I have loads of practice!  And I found some things in this place to rock my socks!  This place is obviously called the Sweet Tooth and it’s located in Huntersville, NC.  This is a small locally owned business trying to slug it out and find there niche.  They not only have delicious chocolates, hand made truffles, cupcakes, and homemade fudge they also have a coffee bar that serves up some great quality Joe!  I can say hands down there dark chocolate salt caramels were the best I have ever had.  And the truffles???  Well they are awesome.  I have never had an Oreo truffle before but the perfect blend of sweet chocolaty and somewhat salty goodness…out of this world.  And I am not even an Oreo cookie fan.  If you live in this area or are traveling thru it I really encourage you to stop in and get your fix.  We were here on Thursday night and after tasting there yummy goods we returned Saturday afternoon before leaving town to stock up on some more!  I may or may not have eatin an entire days worth of calories in about 5 minutes.

DSCN1122 Nothing beats handmade chocolates.


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