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Sweet success December 5, 2010

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Right out of the gate I have to talk about the Reindeer Run this morning.  I did it.  Yay it was brutal cold but I made it.  Don’t I look ready???

DSCN0929 I was ready to get my run on!  My stomach looks gigantic in this pic!  Wow note to self maybe I want to work on the self photo taking skills.  Anyway I woke up about 6am and decided to risk frostbite by tip toeing from my room to the shower.  I think I could see my breath.  I’m not gonna lie it was really cold this morning.  Since I got up early and I didn’t need to leave until about 7:45am that gave me plenty of time to work on the future cover picture of Runners World.  Please excuse my swollen (looks like I partied all night) face.  I hate to disappoint but unless you consider hiding under my electric blanket with a certain Min Pin I know by 10pm a party. 

DSCN0928Sassy pants! 

I was ready this morning.  I just tried to forget that my sore throat, cough and tight chest was making a return.  Other than that I did get a pretty good nights sleep.  DSCN0933  I hate to make this all about me….well ok who else would it really be about?  I mean really who else matters.  But geez my face looks so fat.  It looks like I have put on about 50 pounds since last Saturday.  Hey it could be possible.  Anyway I bundled up and headed out.  Of course my first stop was at Starbucks for a Tall hot coffee.  I needed a little something to warm me up.  By the time I reached the race and found a completely illegal parking spot I only had about 15 minutes to get ready and get to the start.  I put on my new purpley hat, gloves and my fab black and pink polka dot spi belt and took off.  Running along Lake Erie while it is 25 degrees outside is really not what I would consider optimal conditions.  My little piggy’s were freezing.  There were some interesting things to look at though.  People were very creative when it came to there outfits.  I seen more than one Christmas tree atop someone’s head. So as I made my way to the start the first major fail of the day happened.  My ipod was completely dead!  I raged at myself for not checking it in advance of heading out.  I really needed some music to keep me going today.  I’m not gonna lie it was pretty miserable listening to my ragged, gasping breaths for 30 minutes.  I guess I lined up a little to far to the back because I had to spend the first several minutes weaving my way thru children under 3 and women over 80.  At least I have 2 groups of people I can take out!  What can I tell you I am a competitor  I have no shame.  Unfortunately from the first step I had a really tough time controlling my breathing and pace.  I was up, down and all around.  I know taking some time off from running and being sick has a lot to do with it.  But it was really getting frustrating for me.  And have I mentioned how cold it was?  I thought my pace was pretty good, until of course I got to the finish and was able to see my actual time.  I felt like I was doing about 6 minute miles…turns out it was about double that!  However my time was about 5 minutes better than my first 5k in May.  So I think that is progress.  I cannot help but to compare myself to everyone else out there.  I always hear people say….run your own race…but you know what???  I want to beat people.  I look at these girls out there who are half my age and my main thought is I have to pass them.  I have to get a better time.  I have to prove that I am not to old, to fat or to out of shape.  But in the next moment I have someone who granted is much younger than I am but probably out weighed me by at least 100 pounds…and she passed me.  I could see how much she was struggling.  She was giving her 150% .  I wanted to tell her good job, go girl you are amazing and you can do it.  I didn’t but what I did do was let her pass and I followed her thru the finish line.   I know she wasn’t thinking about me.  I know she was not thinking if only I could beat the old woman in the purple hat.  But I am glad she passed me.  I hope she left that race today and told everyone she knows what a great job she did.  So anyway I made it.  And it felt good.  I was thinking about it afterward and I don’t get into a groove and find my sweet spot while running until at least the 2nd or 3rd mile.   I do my best running during longer distances.  That is so foreign and weird for me to consider that I am a distance runner.  Hmm.  Oh yes I am also proud to report that I refrained from attaching the extremely annoying jingle bells they handed out to my shoes.  And to all of those that did…well I think that we should tack on at least 5 minutes to your finish time as a penalty for being so obnoxious!

So here I am after the race! 

post race

Lake Erie in the distance


Oh yes and in even bigger news I made my very first Vlog today on YouTube.  Go check me out at MsOverweighted.  You can see for your very own eyes how lame I really am.  Smile


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