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The creepin crud! November 24, 2010

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5:00 am found me sitting in bed with my laptop wide awake but feeling awful.  I got up to try and make it to Jazzercise this morning and just could not do it.  I have been sick for 2 WEEKS.  I am so frustrated.  It is not getting any better.  I am on antibiotics and every over the counter cold medicine known to man with no results.  I have never had a sore throat hang on this long.  I know that I am not alone every where I go people are sick with this crud.  The most excersise I have gotten is easy 2 mile run / walks.  My lungs hurt way to much.   So this brings my thinking to tomorrows 5 mile Turkey Trot in downtown Cleveland.  The forecast says heavy rain!  WTF???  Heavy rain, cold temps, head cold, chest cold, and awful sore throat.  That  is a recipe for disaster.  I am not ruling it out completely yet.  If we are spared the rain I am still going for it.  If I can’t run it all then I guess I will walk but I will be doing it.  If it is a complete downpour however……um no I just can’t risk being soaked and getting sicker.  So I guess I will wait it out and make a last minute decision.  

Now on to more important things……um shopping.  Specifically BLACK FRIDAY SHOPPING.  Yup I am one of those people.  I am already getting pumped to get out there and let the elbows fly!  I have some very specific items I am looking for.  Samsung TV, Garmin for the car & arm, Super Duper Cozy electric blanket, and well any other shiny objects that catch my eye.  This year my hubba bubba hubby wants to go along.  Um I dont think he has trained properly for this event.   We shall see if he makes it or ends up sitting in the car with all the other old guys!   We have an easy day planned for Thanksgiving, we are going to my brother & sister n laws.  Just an easy peasy day for the 4 of us.  My only requested contribution is a Pumpkin Pie.  Now that I can do!


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