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TO EARLY??? November 15, 2010

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Today I am blogging on the road.  We are driving back to Cleveland from spending the weekend in Michigan with my family.  We had tons o’ fun but now must get home to these guys:

142                     009


Lucky for us we have a friend to hire to help us take care of them.  We could take little Casey with us but not big Jed.  So like real kids it’s not fair to take one and not the other.  So they both have to stay home and have a sitter.  The last 3 days have been busy.  Filled with shopping and eating.  On Friday and Saturday we went to BIRCH RUN OUTLET MALL.  This place is huge.  We did not realize that it was a special weekend for the area.  They had huge sales for what is called WIDOW HUNTERS WEEKEND.  I guess there are so many deer hunters and its such a big deal that hey have spectacular sales catered to all the ladies.  I felt like I was out Black Friday.  Or maybe the last weekend before Christmas.  If our country is currently in a recession I can  assure you that these shoppers were not feeling it.  The stores were packed and the lines were 20 people deep.   But the sales were great.  I found lots of great stuff.  And they had a Bare Escentuals  outlet.  I heard the angels singing when I walked thru the door. 

The shopping was the secondary reason for going.  The primary reason for being there was a charity event at a golf/ ski resort where they have an amazing array of Christmas trees, wreaths, and gift baskets.  They all have different themes and the trees are valued up to $1000.  They sell raffle tickets to put in for those you like.  It is a really fun evening that is super festive with good food and friends.  Friday night is a closed to the public VIP night. So they have yummy “heavy” appetizers.  So for my family that means noshing on a full meal.  And you wonder where I get it???  To finish up the event they have a brunch today (Sunday) and they will draw for the raffles this afternoon.  Hubby and I decided to skip the brunch today and head home.  I have to be at work tomorrow and I did not want to put off the 5 hour drive back.  Plus I can’t really enjoy the heavy foods and the “all you can eat” mindset at the brunch.  I would have loved to but decided it best to pass this time.  Trust me there has been nothing but food food food all weekend. 

Just curious….is it to early for this guy? 


Yup that’s right it’s Mr. Clause.  I cannot believe that we are speeding like a stray bullet towards the holiday season already.  It seems like this year has flown by.  Here a pic of me and the big guy.


And here is some of the family on the way to Friday nights event.

DSCN0903                            DSCN0906

So start practicing you will be saying Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas before you can believe it.



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