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Snacks! October 17, 2010

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So what is your favorite way to relax on the weekend??  This is mine.

010 yummy yummy for my tummy.

Ok so it’s not a very exciting drink.  Just a quad decaf iced espresso with a little milk.  But boy do I love it.  I get so much enjoyment from simply sitting here relaxing enjoying my drink and spend some quality time with my laptop.  So because of knee issues I was sidelined from running this morning so I did some serious ab work with P90X.  I guess it worked since I can barely move now.  Afterward I made the most scrumptious smoothie with some fruit I froze a little while back.  Strawberries, blueberries and banananananana.  Really good with about half a container of light vanilla yogurt.  I put it in my cute purple “to go” cup.

005   004

I am also enjoying another favorite snack

011 Seriously who doesn’t love these things??  My big complaint is that there is just not enough in the damn bag! 


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