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ST. THOMAS PART 2 September 25, 2010

Ok so I did part 1 of ST. THOMAS several days ago.  So this is the second installment.  I already said how great it was.  That is still true.  We took a taxi from the ship to the down town area.  Where they dropped us off for shopping.  Since we have been on so many prior cruises we know that the shore excursions they offer are overly priced and not that great.  So we thought we would do shopping, look around, eat and try to find a beach on our own.  We were approached by a guy on the street to tell us about the tours his company offered.  Which included a tour of the island and taking us to the beach to swim for at least 2 hours.  Then a return back to the ship.  At first I was very skeptical but after inquiring with several americans working in the stores we decided it would be ok.  Oh my gosh it was $25 per person and it really was the best money spent on our vacation.  We got a great “quick” tour and then the best beach and snorkeling I have ever seen. 


This is the beach they took us to.  IT WAS PERFECT!!!


My brother and his wife.

This is the world famous Megans Bay





 297 He likes girls with frizzy hair.

No matter how sappy it sounds I will never forget the fun I had on St. Thomas.



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