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Welcome to St. Martin or st. maarten or sint maarten September 18, 2010

Anyway you spell it, it is magnificent!  Wow what a wonderful place.  My step nephew is living here in Philipsburg going to medical school.  So while my brother and his wife spent the day with him, my mom sister and husband explored the shopping!  Here are some photos of our arrival to the island.




Chris (hubby), Steven (brother), Mom.




140         143   150

144    Me again…cover your eyes for the next one.  I think this is called copping a feel.  Ahahahhaa.



151 152


We found an amazing chocolate place here on this side street.  And a great french owned cafe where we ate lunch.  The french bottled water was yummy.  The cafe was really trendy and the eating area was located upstairs from a store front.  The following are photos of my lil box o chocolate and the interior of the cafe.




159        160

161      163

164     167

We did get lunch here…we were famished so there was no time for photos of it.  Basically pretty generic club sandwiches.  Nothing fancy.  But there were other patrons who had pizza that looked just amazing. 


And no Chris did not allow me to shop here…..sometimes he is a poopy head!  🙂


And everyone was very surprised that I actually owned real estate on the island!


171 The beach was great but the island had just been hit my hurricane Earl.  So there were so many seashells I could not even walk along or in the water without risking cutting my feet.  I did go in but I was the only one.  The piles of stuff you see in the picture are piles of debris they were raking up from the storm.  Lots of bottles, glass, and junk.



Our ship along with one from Royal.


So that is some of the fun from the Isle of St. Martin.  We had lots of fun and the weather was perfect. 



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