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vACATION 2010 September 17, 2010

FINALLY!!  Finally I am here to update my blog from vacation.  It has been a busy week getting back in the swing of things.  Vacation was really a great time.  The weather was perfect!  We could not have asked for better.  It was all sun and sand!  I took a tons of pictures and I am determined to get them on here.  So I will try and do them in separate posts depending on location.  I also just uploaded Windows Writer so that is new to me and I am trying to figure that out as well.  I also have news about work etc.  so I will work on getting all of that posted as well.  So my first post is from the airplane on our way to Ft. Lauderdale.


478 Ft. Lauderdale coast.

479                      487 ship from the air.

Ft. Lauderdale Crown Plaza

This was our pre cruise hotel  My hubby and my mom stayed here.  Really a nice place and brand new.  However it really is not convenient to much.  It was a taxi ride to get anywhere which really made us stay there most of the time.  Which was ok with us.  We spent a lot of time in the pool.  And even though it was the first day of my vacation I did get a work out in.  I wanted to run down near the beach or boat docks but my husband did not think that was a great idea so I ended up running on the treadmill and putting some time in on the eliptical.  So here are some photos of our room and the fab pool. 

001                        007

005  loved the bathroom and huge shower!

010                         016

017                   018

We also had dinner at the BEST pizza place……so yummy we need one of these in Cleveland.  ANTHONY’S COAL FIRED PIZZA.  Oh how I wish for a slice now.

gift_card I could not seem to find the photos that I took there.  But trust me when I say delicous! 

So that was pretty much our time in Ft. Lauderdale.  It was relaxing and fun.  We could see our ship from the roof top pool area and it made us very excited for the week ahead.



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