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Just call me Lucky! July 31, 2010

It has been a remarkably lucky day for me.  So now because I am bragging I am sure the rest of the day will only be unlucky.  But that is ok with me it’s almost 6pm so there is not much of it left.  So here is the Lucky list:

1) Ran 10 miles this morning with out a) crying and b) escaping blidness from the dreaded acid sweat in the eye.

2) Finallly finally got my hair done.  (Photos to follow).  Bless you Mindy for making me look & feel 15 yrs. younger.

3) Got a front row parking space at the mall.

4) Purchased a fab new VSX bra at Victoria Secret that was mismarked…making it almost $20 cheaper!  I pointed it out & they honored the price.  Woohoo to VS.

5) On a whim went into Banana Republic and found the $80 boyfriend jeans I have been wanting on sale…then an extra 30% off…..score $21 for those babies.  Yes Yes Yes. 

6) Double bit of happiness at Banana Republic….Everything I tried on…I needed a smaller size.

7) Body Shop the Body Butters were buy 2 get 1 free.  Oh they have the best coconut body butter.  It smells so yummy and will be perfect for our vacation to the Virgin Islands next month.

8) Decided to skip the food court at the mall.  VICTORY.

9) Walked into Coldwater Creek where they had a fab customer appreciation table set up with fresh fruit and tons of raw veggies.  What a gift to me for skipping the food court.

10) Pulled into Barnes and Noble where once again a front row parking was waiting for me.  (I know the benefits of parking farther away and walking…blah blah.)  But once in awhile it is just nice. 

11) Sending my hubby pics of  my hair and him saying he “likey”.

What a great day.  I really needed it.  It’s been a rough couple of weeks.  Now off I go heading home to make some chicken breast and hang with my doggies! 

I look a little wide in this one…but I swear  tried on only size 6 or 8’s today!


One Response to “Just call me Lucky!”

  1. 10 MILES!! Wow! Great job. 🙂

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