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GUILT July 30, 2010

So today I have some things on my mind.  Really 1 huge thing and 1 somewhat huge.  The huge thing I am thinking about is GUILT.  I have a lot of guilt over my diet and excerscise plan.  When I overeat and know that I am entering into the realm of excessive and uncontrolled eating I feel an overwhelming amount of guilt.  And of course it can for me become the cliche of causing me stress and shame which then causes me to eat more and try and stuff those feelings wayyyyy down deep inside me.  The second cause of guilt for me is over excercise.  If I miss a workout or if I think that somehow I did not push my workout to my maximum ability I feel huge huge huge guilt.  Guilt is such an ugly thing.   It makes me feel such shame at myself.  It really can affect the rest of my life because I get in such a slumpy frumpy sad mood.  The second somewhat huge thing…..the way I feel when I read others blogs.  Some days I am so motivated by what others are writing and doing in there lives.  I get a lot of  ideas and sometimes even feel proud of others.  On the other side of that…I compare myself.  I compare my workouts to others, my diet to others.  The quanity and quality of food I eat to others.  And I seem to always be far far behind those I read about.  It makes me feel really bad about myself.  I have an inner dialogue that is really awful. 

So that is what I want to know…Do you have guilt over food or excercise?  If so how do you handle it?  If you don’t why do you think that you are able to keep that in perspective?


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