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The bike and me July 27, 2010

So when it comes to bike riding this is me:

  I would be the one on the right 🙂

Now this is who I want to be:

  I think you can clearly see the difference.  So last night I went out and got on my husbands bike and did 3.5 miles.  And it was hard.  And my butt hurt and it was extremely uncomfortable.  But I did it and I will do it again.  Because I know it will make me stronger and have more endurance and in the end will help my running.   I am now searching for tips or tricks to make riding better.  You never know it could be a new obsession just waiting to happen.


5 Responses to “The bike and me”

  1. I have a few tips…

    1. Get fitted properly for a bike of your own. You make be working too hard on the hubby’s bike…
    2. Get some bike shorts! Padded bike shorts make a world of difference. Yes they are expensive but worth it. I got my first pair at the Pearl Izumi outlet mall. If you have something similar, try looking there.
    3. Practice on flat ground for awhile. Get used to the bike. Then add mileage. Later add hills.

    It WILL get easier. And YES biking will improve your running. It did for me! 🙂

  2. […] reader of mine recently posted on her own blog about her struggle with cycling. It sounds like she is new […]

  3. Give yourself time and you will grow to love the bike, I bet! When I first started I was soooo sore and couldn’t go far. Now I bike miles and miles and it is my favorite thing to do!

  4. Biking does take some time. Find a riding partner that has a little bit of experience and ride once or twice a week with them. Makes things a little more enjoyable and less scary.

    Biking WILL improve your running and running will improve your biking. They both go well together. I think they complement them and make you stronger in both areas.

    Add some swimming to the mix and watch the lbs drop and fitness go up.

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