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Friday July 23, 2010

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Happy happy Friday!  Thank  goodness it is finally here.  Geesh I thought it would never come.  So today’s run was  really really tough.  As a matter of fact this whole week has been tough running.  My legs felt like lead this morning.  I could barely breathe.  I know it is the hottest week of the year but come on!  Why does it have to feel like my first week of running.  Hmm let’s see just 6 days ago I was able to complete 10 miles without stopping…today barely just barely 3.5 and I felt awful.  I get soooo frustrated.  I want it all RIGHT NOW!  Anyway my last posts have been full of complaints and I am not blind to this.  I want to be more positive I really do.  I want to be here posting oh yes everything is wonderful, my diet is perfect, my excerscise oh yes perfect, my job, yes also perfect, my life …yup perfect!  But in reality that is not the way it is.  On a somewhat positive note..I started doing the elliptical at work on my lunch hour.  I do about 30 minutes / 3 miles.  I can’t do a higher intensity than that because I sweat to much to then return back to work.  So yay me!  <-<-<- whatever!

Oh yes and they predict this to be the hottest weather of the decade this weekend!  OH JOY!


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