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oh and one more thing July 17, 2010

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I would like to thank the asshole in his truck with attached trailer who chose not to share the road but in an attempt to run me down on purpose required me to dive in the ditch at 5:30am I can only hope that you get whatever crappy karma comes your way.

Oh yes and let me not forget to thank the barista @Starbucks today who is a twit and is unable to push the DECAF button while working on the freakin automatic espresso machine!  I congratulate you on being the moron of the day.  By the way you dumb ass there are reasons people are very specific when they say DECAF .  I don’t do Caffeine.  And really the 4 shots of regular espresso you gave me practically made me have a seizure and stroke out.  Again I wish your own special kind of karma comes your way.


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