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Sunday love July 11, 2010

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Dear weekend wherever did you go??  It seems as if it was just Friday and here I sit already it is Sunday afternoon and I have those anxiety filled I hate Monday feelings creeping in already.  Blah!   If I had one wish (well for  today) it would be that Monday never come.  Especially in the summer I hate hate hate Sunday night.   I used my time wisely today however.  This morning I went to Jazzercise and this afternoon I went to the pool for a couple hours.  Swimming makes me soooo hungry.  I am sitting here trying to think up something super grand for dinner.  Chris  has been out of town for 4 days and is coming home tonight and I am sure he would love to have a home cooked meal.  I just need  to figure something out.  Oh and  I have I mentioned how much I love my yummy Starbucks??  If not here is a picture of my love.

Ok off to channel Paula Deen and figure out some home cookin!


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