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10K Complete July 5, 2010

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Today while others were attending 4th of July parties and getting ready to have there hot dogs & hamburgers…I was running a 10k race.  And yes I made it.  I ran the entire time and never stopped.  I was slow but at least I was not last.  My original goal was to finish it at 1:30…I ended up finishing at 1:21.  I was pleased with that time as this was my first 10K,  The course itself was very hilly.  Actually it seemed like it was uphill well over half of the race.  Also the temp was in the 90’s.   It was tough or maybe I should say brutal.  I have been recovering for the rest of the day/evening.  I feel pretty good.  I have not eaten much however and I know without question that I am still dehydrated.  Since surgery this is a problem.  It is nearly imp0ssible for me to get enough H2O . I know that has made me lethargic this afternoon.  But I will be fine tomorrow.   I am off of work so I think I will do a Jazzercise class in the morning and relax at the pool for the afternoon.  So here is a pic from just prior to the race….check out my new running tank…I love it!

and here is one from the last final push

umm my husband is not the best pic taker!


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