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Hmp I am sore! Argggg! July 2, 2010

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Today was Week 3 Day 4 Thursday.  Today was a 4 miler.  Went very well I was doing good.  It was an unusually cool morning here in Cleveland which helped out a lot.  Tomorrow is 3 miles and then I am on rest until the10K on Sunday.  Last night I did a body sculpting class at Jazzercise.  Today I am soooo sore.  I had it on my calendar to do another one tonight but I decided to forget it and rest.  I have had issues with my right hip before and it was finally feeling good until this morning when it was super sore from working it last night at that class.  I will do a normal aerobic class on Saturday morning but no super sculpting kick your butt  classes that might effect my race on Sunday.  I want to preserve my leg muscles.  Tonight my husband and I are sitting out on the patio at my most favorite place.  Starbucks!  I only do decaf but I am addicted to espresso.  I love love love it!   Yay for Triple Decaf Iced Espresso!


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