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Grin June 28, 2010

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Saturday was Day 6 of Week 2.  I did a 5 mile run in the Cleveland Metro Parks with a time of 1:03:56.  I was totally ok with that.  I was so damn happy just to make it the entire way and I actually had some extra energy at the very end.  As soon as I figured out that I was getting close to the end I was just grinning.  For 2 reasons the f irst being that I was almost done.  The  second being that I actually did make it without walking at all.  That is one thing that I have done since day one with my running.  All the way back to January when I could only do short distances at a time.  I never have allowed myself to stop and walk.  My goal is no matter how far or how hard I keep running.  I may be slow but I keep going.  I trudge along.  I have a 3 mile run that I need to get in tonight still.  So I have to make this post brief.   I am stoked for the 10K on July 4th.  I have faith that I can complete it.  My time is not important at this point.  Completing it is what is important.   On a sad note a young woman from the WLS community on you tube passed away after complications from her recent gall bladder surgery.  Very sad that over the last year she has lost 200 pounds and done so well and changed her life for this to happen.  It is so sad.   She wanted to change and ultimately save her life by losing the weight only to have this happen.  This is something that I know I will think about often.  RIP Ali.


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