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Ahhhhh June 23, 2010

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Week 2 day 3.  Well this morning I did another 4.3 mile run.  I really cannot lie, it was still tough.  But I got thru it (barely).  My  run began at about 5:30am just as the sun was coming up.  It really was a glorious morning.  The sun was so big and bright.  I got back home and jumped in the shower to get ready for work.  By the time I stepped out of the shower I had came up with a plan and convinced myself the best thing to do would be  to call off of work and go to the pool!   Eureka!  What a great idea.  And that is exactly what I did.  It felt so good to swim and stretch out my tired muscles.  It truly was one of my best decisions as of late 🙂  I just came home and cut up some watermelon and cantalope.  Hubby and I have steaks to grill for dinner and life is good.  This really is summer.  We have a storm moving thru now, but it’s just enough to cool things down.    I feel like a nap is comin on.  Ahhhh.

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