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WEEK 2 June 21, 2010

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Day 1 of week 2.   This morning was dare I say….easy.  That is in comparison to what my long run on Saturday was.    When I say a “long” run it kind of makes me giggle because well to most 4.3 miles is not really a long run.   But to me it felt like a lot longer than the average 3 – 3.5 miles I have been doing.  And I should say that it was HOT out!  The good news is that I motored thru it!  So hip hip hooray for me.  Anyhooo….so unknowing to me as I did my run on Saturday my dear dear husband saw me running as he was driving to get his morning coffee and muffin.  So when I arrived back home he let me know that I have poor form and a very short stride.  I did not really welcome his comments at the time, but I did listen.  So on this mornings run I really tried to pay attention to having good form.  I also tried to extend my stride and let my arms really push me forward.  I think that it did make a difference and it will be something I will work on.  If anyone has any tips please let me know as I would welcome them.  As far as my stride goes well I do have a very short stride, I am 5′ 2″ and have short legs.  I don’t know how to improve on that.  I also know that I need to focus on picking up my feet.  When I get really tired it seems I am barely picking them up.  I am thinking about doing a local 10K on July 4th.  It actually is perfect timing as my scheduled run for that day is 6 miles.  I am baffled that I actually am not only following thru with this but I am getting excited to reach new goals that I set for myself.  And seriously who knew that I would ever get such a charge out of going to Dicks Sporting Goods and buying a new pair of running socks and a Clif bar! 

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